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Stackable Pet Band Ring

Stackable Pet Band Ring

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Celebrate what you cherish most with our stackable band ring. It is a gentle reminder of shared memories and love that never fades.


• Designed to showcase all your pets comfortably by stacking their names next to each other.

• Sizing is standardized and true to US standards.

• We use hypoallergenic materials to ensure a comfortable wearing experience & WILL NOT turn your finger green.

• With our 1-year warranty, we stand by the quality of our work and are dedicated to ensuring you're completely satisfied with your purchase.


• Choose from 14K Rose Gold, Plated, 14K Gold Plated, or Pure 925 Sterling Silver.

• Stackable 1.5mm design fits multiple rings on one finger comfortably.

• Thanks to our advanced engraving technology, your custom engraving will NEVER fade.

• Engraving will come in all capital letters for maximum visibility.

• Each Ring is made-to-order & engraved individually in our facility!

• Every PupNecklaces product is designed in Philadelphia and crafted with love in our dedicated in-house facility.


Creating your own Pupnecklaces is extremely simple! Follow these 5 super simple steps to personalize

1. Select your finish
2. Choose the number
3. Upload a picture & name for each pendant you selected
4. Review all your information to make sure everything looks good
5. Place your order (We will hand-craft your one-of-a-kind Pupnecklaces!)


Taking the right photo for your custom engraved pendant is vital. Follow the guidelines below to ensure the best possible engraving.

1. Avoid Blur

Ensure your photo is clear and focused. Blurry photos can affect the precision of the engraving, making it look less distinct and sharp.

Tip: Hold your camera steady and use natural lighting for the best results. If your dog is energetic, try to capture their photo when they are calm or resting.

2. Capture Both Eyes

A front-facing photo where both eyes are visible is preferred. This provides a good balance to the engraved pendant and gives your dog's portrait a lifelike feel.

Tip: Hold a toy or treat near your camera to get your dog's attention and make them look directly at the lens.

3. Darker Dogs: Pay Attention to Lighting

For darker dogs, a well-lit photo is essential to ensure all the details are captured accurately in the engraving. This will help bring out the contrast and saturation for an optimal result.

Tip: Outdoor natural lighting often works best for darker dogs. Try taking the photo during the early morning or late afternoon when the lighting is softer.

4. Include the Whole Head

Make sure the entire head, including ears, is visible in the photo. More details will provide us with a better basis for the engraving, resulting in a more realistic and detailed final product.

Tip: Ensure there's enough space around your dog's head in the frame so none of the features get cut off.

Remember, the photo you provide will be the basis for the engraving, so the better the photo, the better the final product. Take your time and have fun capturing the perfect portrait of your dog!


Each order is personalized and can take up to 3 weeks to deliver your PupNecklaces

Each domestic order is shipped via USPS priority 

Tracking available on ALL orders

1 Year Warranty on Fading, Tarnishing, or breaking! 

All our pieces are thoughtfully handcrafted and tailored to your specifications. Typically, we don't accept returns or exchanges on personalized items. However, we recognize the sentimental value that our PupNecklaces hold and would like to work with you to find an amicable solution. Please reach out to us at support@pupnecklaces.com or click here to get in touch with us! 


All of our PupNecklaces jewelry comes with a one-year warranty.

The warranty is valid for items bought directly from PupNecklaces, ensuring protection against material or workmanship defects under regular use during the warranty timeframe.

For PupNecklaces jewelry, the warranty lasts one year from the purchase date. If, within this period, the jewelry shows defects in material or craftsmanship under regular use, PupNecklaces will provide a comparable replacement at no extra cost. If the exact model is unavailable, we'll offer a piece of similar value or style.

Any replaced jewelry will have its one-year warranty starting from the date of the replacement.

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