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To promote our custom pet necklaces, we are launching a video posting campaign on TikTok and YouTube. Through this campaign, pet owners can get a free custom pet necklace by simply posting a video introducing our website.

Increase brand awareness
Drive traffic to our website
Collect user-generated content (UGC) for future marketing
Campaign Duration
End Date: July 31, 2024

Campaign Details
Participants need to post a video on TikTok or YouTube that includes their pet, interactions with the pet, and screenshots of our website, guiding viewers to visit our standalone website. Participants will receive a free custom pet necklace.

Participation Steps
Post a video on TikTok or YouTube.
The video must feature interactions with the pet, screenshots of our website, and direct viewers to visit our website.
Include the specified campaign hashtags in the video description (e.g., #mubuy).
Fill out the campaign form, providing the video link and contact information.
Video Script
Scene 1: Pet and Owner Interaction
Shot 1: The owner and pet interact warmly at home.
Owner: Today, I have a special surprise for my little buddy.
Scene 2: Introducing the Website
Shot 2: The owner holds up a phone or tablet, showing a screenshot of the website.
Owner: I found this amazing website where you can customize a necklace for your pet!
Scene 3: Pet and Owner Bonding
Shot 3: The pet happily playing or interacting with the owner, showing the strong bond between them.
Owner: My pet means the world to me, and I wanted to give them something special.
Scene 4: Website Screenshot Introduction
Shot 4: Screen recording or screenshot of the website, showing the customization process.
Owner: This is the website where I got the necklace. It’s super easy to navigate and customize your order.
Scene 5: Guiding Viewers to Participate
Shot 5: The owner faces the camera, inviting viewers to join the campaign.
Owner: Just post a video introducing our website, and you can get a free custom pet necklace! Join us now, click the link in the video description for details!
Participants who successfully post a video will receive a free custom pet necklace. The necklace will be customized with the pet’s name as provided by the participant.

Promotion Channels
Social media platforms (TikTok, YouTube)
Official website
Collaborations with influencers
Video content must be positive and appropriate, avoiding any negative, sensitive, or unsuitable content.
Each user can only participate once.
The custom necklace will be made based on the information provided by the user. Any errors in the information will be the responsibility of the participant.
Contact Information
For any inquiries, please contact our campaign customer service at: →Service

Through this campaign, we aim to attract numerous pet enthusiasts, enhance brand exposure, and gather authentic user feedback and experiences, laying a solid foundation for future marketing efforts.

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